Play Free Games & Earn Free Rewards

CoinGamers is a website where you can play free Games and earn Free Rewards.  All you have to do is Sign up and start collecting Bits.

What is Coingamers?
is a website where you can play different kind of free games
, collect Bits for playing and redeem collected coins for cool rewards – gift vouchers (amazon, Itunes, Google Play), xBox subscription, or even for Bitcoins.

What kind of Games can I play?
At this time, you may choose between 20 different games and its completely up to you what do you prefer. You can play our Raffles, Bingo, Scratching games, two different advanced RPG games. 

Is it really free?
Yes, absolutely.
We are not a casino or gambling website where you can loose all your money.  You can play all our games with our currency called “Tokens”, we will give you 20 free Tokens every day, just for your visit.

Do I have to pay something or provide my payment details?
No, absolutely not.  Maybe you noticed that most of our games require Tokens to play, but Tokens are provided for free by our website just for completing simple tasks, for example just for your daily visits we will give you 10 – 30 Tokens every day. Yes, its that simple.

What is Bitcoin? 
Bitcoin is a payment system introduced as open-source software in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is digital currency, also called crypto currency and in these days you may use hundreds other cryptocurrencies,  other most popular crypto currencies are DogeCoins, LiteCoins and Ethereum. Digital currencies (crypto currencies) can be earned by completing simple tasks on the internet, trading, gambling, mining, selling gods, etc. Digital currencies may be also considered as controversial because no one owns them and its very hard to regulate them or track all the transactions, that’s why digital currencies are very popular on black markets with illegal items. 

Sign up now & Get Free Tokens to Play These Games:
– Lottery (daily, weekly, monthly)
– RPG Games

– Scratching Games
– Raffles 
– Treasure Island Game
– Earn 15% Lifetime referral commission from each referral cash-out.